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18th November 2004

danachan10:55pm: Orbit, PG13, Viggo/Billy/Dom
rubynye said that I should post this here, so here it is.

Title: Orbit
Chapter: 1/1, complete
By: Dana

Summary: When you get caught in his orbit, you can't get away.
Characters: Billy, Viggo, Dom, Elijah
Pairings: Viggo/Billy/Dom
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Light sexual content, slash

Author's Notes: Written because I could. And because I wanted to.
I wouldn't have written this, if not for vensre, and then she went and betaed it, as well. I love you, Ven.
Disclaimer: Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood are real people but this story does not in any way imply real events. That is why it's fanfiction after all.

Click to read: Orbit

8th October 2004

domhobbitzes11:37am: Comedy Act
Title: Comedy Act
Author: domhobbitzes
Pairing: Viggo (with Monaboyd)
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Viggo attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the two hobbits and their unconventional bond.
Author's notes: Thanks to canciona for the beta work and to everyone who kept yelling at me to finish it. :)

Comedy Act

16th September 2004

saklani210:04pm: NEW: "Hobbit and Go Seek" Viggo/multi-hobbits, NC-17
Title: Hobbit and Go Seek
Author: Saklani (saklani@wildmail.com)
Codes: Viggo/Elijah Viggo/Billy Viggo/Dom RPS
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these men, or anything else I mention here. I am not looking to make money from this... God forbid. And I am NOT them nor is what I put down here real. Thank you.
Summary: Three hobbits and a ferocious Ranger of the North play games.
Author's Notes: This small offering is for Tali’s birthday. Many happy returns, love! And may you enjoy this! Straight up smuttiness here, one of the first Saklani has done in a long time.

Hobbit and Seek

“Eight... nine... ten... ready or not, here I come!” Viggo called into the still night air. He took his hands off his eyes and peered into the musty darkness that surrounded him. Only tiny slivers of moonlight edging under the cracks of Billy’s front door and through the closed blinds lit the rooms.

Hands in front of him, Viggo began to creep through the house. His bare feet, coupled with the ranger skills he picked up, made his movement near silent. Although he nearly ruined it when he stepped on one of the magazines Dom carelessly tossed aside an hour earlier.

Cursing under his breath, he headed for the kitchen, certain he heard one hobbit make a dash for the room when he first started counting. He pushed open the swinging kitchen door, wincing slightly when it squeaked on its hinges.

“Where are you, hobbit?” he singsonged into the air.

He heard a muffled thump from one of the cabinets and tiptoed over. Pausing with one hand on the handle until the count ot ten, he suddenly threw open the door and yelled, “Boo!”

A small form squeaked and flashed out passed him, toward the ‘base’ of the sofa. Viggo charged after him, wailing like a banshee. The noise echoed throughout the house, alerting the other hobbits to the fact that one of their fellows was about to be ravaged.

The race lasted all of five seconds. Just when the sofa looked to be in the hobbit’s grasp, Viggo pounced him, and they crashed to the floor.

“Gotcha!” Viggo purred in delight.

“Ah! Get off, you daft man!” Billy’s voice sounded muffled under Viggo’s weight.

“On no,” Viggo said. “I have you and now, I mean to claim you.”

“Claim me?” Billy asked, his whole body going limp suddenly. “Uh, Viggo...”

Taking no notices of the cut off question, Viggo slid down Billy’s slight form. He fumbled in the dark and placed a large palm over Billy’s crotch. “Not so little there,” he murmured.

“Oh God, Viggo.” Billy inadvertently pushed up into the hand, panting slightly from the chase and the arousal that turned everything between his legs rock hard.

Wasting no time, Viggo removed the jeans, tangling them around Billy’s feet so he could not wiggle much. He yanked the shirt off Billy’s head, the other man stretching up his arms to help him. In the dark, Viggo only got a sense of pale skin, a pair of green, desperate eyes and a long, thick cock weeping for him.

“Please,” Billy whispered, feeling his fever burn white hot. He could not remember when anyone got him this hot, this fast and unexpectedly.

Guided by his fingers, Viggo found each of Billy’s nipples and sucked them until all ability to form coherent words left Billy’s power, and he babbled nonsense in a lilting, keening accent. Viggo’s warm, slick tongue wormed its way down Billy’s ribs, over his ticklish abdomen and up the underside of his cock.

“Oh, fuck me!” Billy cried.

“Later,” Viggo mumbled, taking in the head of Billy’s cock. He pulled all the air from hos mouth to form a vaccum around Billy, wondering idly why nature abhorred a vacuum. The taste of desire and sweat and cum exploded over his taste buds. He inched forward until Billy touched the back of his throat and then constricted as hard as possible.

Billy wailed, thin and nasal, as he came. Wave after wave shook his body, swallowed greedily by Viggo. When the process finally slowed and then stopped, the hobbit lay on the floor, spent and sated.

Viggo released hthe soft cock with an unnecessarily loud slurp. He spent a few moments licking the traces of sum off his lips and mouth, before removing Billy’s pants and tossing them with his shirt. He then stood, lifting the prone hobbit and carrying him to the sofa. “Stay,” he said firmly.

Billy shivered at the command. “Stay,” he echoed, not feeling up to moving anyway.

Viggo bit Billy’s right earlobe, tenderly chewing the skin and then left him lying there, naked and alone, in the dark. He headed for the stairs, wandering again in the comforting darkness. He tilted his head, listening for any telltale sounds above. Only the house creaking as it settled on its foundation greeted his ears.

Starting upward, Viggo noted how loud the groaning of the stairs seemed under his weight. Eyes scanning the dark hallway, he wondered if the noise tipped off the other hobbits of his approach. Nothing stirred, not even dust floated in the pale moonlight streaming through an unshuttered window up the hall a little.

Ducking his head, Viggo tested the air like a predator, as if he could scent the other two hidden men out. He looked over the choice of rooms ahead- Billy’s bedroom, guest bedroom, guest bathroom and main bathroom. He tongue snuck out to moisten his lips as he considered.

The main guest bedroom door opened silently on newly oiled hinges. Viggo hid at the corner of the door frame, the darkness obscuring his form. He only had to wait a moment and then a small sigh alerted him to the presence of hobbit number two.

Dropping to all fours and then his belly, Viggo snuck in the room, entrance covered by the bed frame and all encompassing darkness. He maneuvered to the bedside and paused, listening again. Nothing.

He dropped his head to the floor and peered under the bed. At the very left edge on the far side, he thought he spied something that looked like feet. They shuffled a little, and a slow smile changed Viggo’s face from annoyed to triumphant.

Climbing to his haunches, Viggo poised for a split second than sprang. He bounced on the unmade bed and flew straight for the area where the shadowy feet had been. Unfortunately, his quarry spotted him at the last second and made a break with a squeal. Viggo missed him by a inch and landed in an untidy heap on the floor with a crash.

Instantly, he scrambled back to his feet and silently pursued his still squealing prey. They raced to the end of the hall, and the smaller man managed to duck a second lunge by Viggo and head for the stairs. Bouncing off the wall, Viggo charged after him.

One long stride, two long strides, three and suddenly, Viggo loomed just behind the running hobbit. He grabbed, caught hold of shirt and yanked hard. The material gave with a thin riiiiiiiip, but the hobbit gave, too, falling at the foot of the stairs. Viggo straddled him instantly, pinning his arms down to the ground.

“Two down,” he said with immense satisfaction. “Now to make you mine as well.”

“Yours? What the fuck, Viggo?” Elijah demanded into the night air, trying to sound brave. Instead, his young voice wavered at the feral position assumed by the older man and the effortless way he held Elijah to the floor.

“Later,” Viggo said and sat next to Elijah, dragging him into his lap. After a moment of token struggle, they settled there, Elijah laying back against Viggo, his heart trying to bang its way through his ribcage. “Good boy.”

Not bothering to unbutton Elijah’s slut boy pants, Viggo slid his hand under the tight leather waistband and worked his way down.

“Oh... oh... OH!” Elijah gasped, as he felt a big hand tug at his cock. He wiggled, trying to get away, trying to get more, wanting Viggo to pull off the pants, then not caring if Viggo removed the too tight garment. “Oh... oh... OH!”

Elijah’s thrashing rubbed his perky little ass all over Viggo’s crotch, making him ache and harden to the point of bursting. He redoubled his efforts to make the other cum, before they both spoiled their clothes. He pulled and stroked and pulled and stroked, until his hand felt like a blur of movement in the confined space.

“Viggoviggoviggoviggo,” Elijah chanted in worshipful prayer, his hips bucking ferociously against the hand that tormented him. He choked on the last Viggo, huge eyes widened in almost comical shock as the world tilted upside-down and cum soaked the leather and made a dark stain down his thighs. Winded, he flopped back on Viggo’s lap, humming tonelessly under his breath. His limbs neither hindered nor helped Viggo, as the man removed his clothes and left them strewn down the staircase.

Carrying his second bundle, Viggo returned to the couch. A warm, pleased feeling tingled through his toes as he noted that Billy still lay there as he had been placed. Petting Elijah’s wet stomach, he lay him near Billy, resting his tousled head on Billy’s knee.

“Stay.” The command filled the still air, brooking no nonsense, and both hobbits nodded acquiescence to Viggo.

One last time, the hunt began. The last hobbit would be the trickiest, as he seemed to possess the most devilish instincts.

“Not upstairs... and not in the kitchen... wherefore art thou, Dominic?” Viggo whispered, approaching the garage door. He bypassed the entrance, thinking of the dining room and then stopped. He rotated on one foot, neck arched back and eyes calculating. Tracing his teeth with a tongue that still tasted of Billy, he opened the door and entered, shutting it quickly behind him.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” he sang, blood rushing in his ears. His cock throbbed impatiently, eager for this last game to reach its natural conclusion. Eager for the kill.

The water heater made a small clicking sound, distracting Viggo a little as he strayed in its direction. He corrected his course, keeping to the middle of the garage and making sweeping motions of his head. “You cannot escape.”

He reached the bumper of Billy’s small car and froze there. Could he be wrong? Was there nobody waiting in the dark for him to claim?

His instincts won over the doubts, and he stepped around the left side of the car. Instantly, a figure broke from the opposite side and sprinted toward the exit. Viggo whirled around, narrowly avoiding the side view mirror and raced to block his escape.

They arrived at almost the same instant, and victory flooded Viggo’s senses. He caught the third hobbit by flailing arms and pushed him up against the hood of the car. Locking their hands together on the metal top, he ground his erection into the muscular ass pressed against him.

“Fucking Hell, Viggo,” Dominic gasped, his own cock pressed against the denim of his jeans and the car.

“Yes,” Viggo answered. “Yes.” He sucked on the skin at Dom’s nape until he knew a mark would form there.

Dom’s breathing changed from fast to erratic. He could not bite back the moan caused by Viggo’s actions, anymore than he could prevent his traitorous cock from swelling as blood rushed there from every other part of his body.

Wrapping strong arms around Dom’s waist, Viggo undid the jeans, moving Dom back to let them slide to the ground, followed by boxers. When Dom made no move to escape, Viggo pulled a packet and a small tube from his own slacks’ pocket. Smiling, he warmed the lube between two fingers and slid one in deep.

“Ummmmmm.” Dom’s head dropped forward in shock, as his ass opened to the slick, knowing finger. His legs spread of their own accord, letting Viggo slip farther between them. Dom rubbed his cock against Billy’s car, marking the black paint.

When a second finger slid home and began a devious campaign of hitting and then not hitting Dom’s prostate, Viggo used his free hand to pull down his slacks. He tore open the condom packet, imagining his teeth to be the long fangs of a lion or a wolf. Never letting up on the near mindless Dom, he slipped the condom on with one hand. He lubed himself up without consideration or patience.

Dom screamed when Viggo entered him, throwing back his head, the tendons on his neck standing out in stark relief. They rested there for a moment, Viggo letting Dom acclimate to his large presence. Finally, Dom made a small push back with his hips, asking Viggo to move.

At once, Viggo began a sweet, rocking motion that pumped him in and out of Dom’s tightness. He rubbed Dom against Billy’s car harder with each stroke. Their mingled breathing and hoarse obscenities flooded the garage, along with the scent of sex and lust. Dom pistoned in helpless delight, impaled by Viggo’s cock and trapped by the car.

Nearing the precipice of release, Viggo grabbed Dom and masturbated him with almost tender fury. Their fucking now shook Billy’s car on its wheels. In the end, Dom gave up first, decorating the hood and side with white semen. Viggo came right on his heels, holding Dom so tight he could barely draw breath. And then both men sank down against the ill used car.

Viggo recovered first and pulled out, while Dom whimpered with loss. He removed the condom and tidied himself up quickly, pulling up his slacks. Soothing Dom by stroking his back with calloused fingers, Viggo removed the hobbit’s shirt and lifted him away from his puddled jeans.

Lifting the unprotesting Dom into his arms, Viggo carried his last hobbit to the couch. He set him down with Billy and Elijah, nearly rumbling his delight at their obvious exhaustion and obedience. Sitting down across from them in Billy’s favorite easy chair, he crossed his legs and sat back in the darkness.

“Bloody Hell,” Billy whispered softly sometime later.

“What hit us?” Elijah said. “What monster have we unleashed?”

“Last time we invite Viggo to play with us,” Dom panted.

“You are right, Dom. From now on, I do not need an invitation to come over to play,” Viggo said in his sexiest voice. They could practically hear the honey dripping as he spoke, and all three squirmed as renewed desire began to make them edgy.

“Fuck,” all three said together.

“Later,” Viggo said and his laughter echoed in their ears.
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6th September 2004

domhobbitzes1:13pm: Mod Post
The Viggomilly archive is now up and ready for links!

Please pay us a visit and spread the word! Thank you!

A HUGE thanks to shirasade for everything! *nuzzleloves*

9th August 2004

domhobbitzes2:38pm: Just Like That
Title: Just Like That
Author: domhobbitzes
Pairing: DM/BB, BB/VM, DM/VM, DM/BB/VM
Rating: R
Summary: Billy likes it just like that.
Author's note: Thanks to canciona for the fast beta.

Just Like That
weeyotch1:15pm: FIC: The Moment, VM/BB, PG
Title: The Moment
Author Name: bibliotech/weeyotch (two sides, same coin)
Email/Site: TaTn
Fic Site: one for the shire!
Pairing: VM/BB
Rating: PG
Date: April 10th
Summary: But it wasn’t a relationship. Nothing like that. Just—BillyandViggo. Together.
Warnings: slashy.
Disclaimer: I do not own these people (they own themselves). This is 100% fiction.

Notes: present for vensre.

'That Viggo is one hell of a kisser.' Collapse )

6th August 2004

bibliotech8:24am: FIC: The Dangers of Becoming Someone Else, DM/VM
This is an older one, but I really liked how it turned out. It's very...odd. At least, for me. And I have real, actual OT3, I swear. You can find it here.

Title: The Dangers of Becoming Someone Else
Author Name: Aralinde
Email: here
Site: Tooken
Pairing: VM/DM
Rating: PG
Date: March 21st.
Summary: Because it’s your fault, Dom wants to say. But doesn’t.
Disclaimer: I do not own these people (they own themselves). This is 100% fiction.
Notes: Exactly 400 words.
Note the second: x-posted to fellow_shippers and viggodom
Note the third: For vensre from this post.

Dom is not known for his patience.Collapse )
domhobbitzes6:24am: That Boy DM/VM R
Title: That Boy
Author: domhobbitzes
Pairing: Dom/Viggo
Rating: R
Summary: Viggo muses over Dom.
Author's note: Companion fic to Making Sense.

That Boy
domhobbitzes6:21am: Making Sense DM/VM PG-13/R
Title: Making Sense
Author: domhobbitzes
Pairing: Dom/Viggo
Rating: PG-13 (light R)
Summary: Some things make sense, others don't.
Author's note: My first Dom/Viggo.

Making Sense
domhobbitzes3:49am: Welcome to viggomilly!

Enjoy your stay and have fun! Soon there will be an archive to go with the community but that will take a few days. I will post a link when it is finished.

Since this is a brand new community, feel free to post older fics so we can get started.

Enjoy, loves!
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